A Sustainable & economical Waste Recycling Solutions

ATOMOS know the full corporate value of sustainable environmental and economic waste solutions, and have a proven track record with results, for any company.

With thousands of different recyclable commodities ranging from the paper to the metals, scores of recycling equipment options, and endless service variations, recycling today is a complex undertaking. To do it well, you need a knowledgeable recycling and waste management partners’ whom you can trust.

Integrity Recycling and Waste Solutions is uniquely qualified to address your recycling and waste management needs. We customize an efficient, “environment friendly” solution that minimizes your operational costs, reduces your environmental footprint, and increases your bottom line. Globalization and the exposure to global markets and economies have facilitated us to partner with larger international organizations and branch out of a limited trade network.

ATOMOS specialize in servicing recycling solutions to national and regional, multi-location corporations in the retail and grocery, financial services, healthcare, restaurants, commercial property management and manufacturing industries.


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